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Battle in Knockturn Alley

I keep to the darkest corners while I search for my prey . . . it should be no problem here. But something different catches my eye. Not my prey--my brother-in-law. I can smell him even Polyjuiced. But no, he's not Polyjuiced. Look at his long blonde hair sticking out from his hood--never could see what little Baby Cissy saw in a wizard who is more vain about his hair than she is about hers. Getting rather daring though, isn't he? I move in closer.

Then I find my prey and laugh softly. I will distract her with a bit of conversation, then take care of her once I gain her trust. I will remind her what friends we were in school and how I stood up for her when she had to leave early because of the baby. That baby who now will serve me or she will pay for his disobedience with her life--or perhaps I'll just crucio her to insanity. I ignore my brother-in-law and attempt to strike up a conversation with Felicia. "Hullo Felicia. It has been such a long time since school."

She looks nervous, but I laugh merrily to put her at ease. Why does my laugh cause her to look frightened? Silly fool. I smile at her. Her eyes dart madly around like she's looking for a place to run.

Dealing With Lucius Malfoy

Wolf Caves
Border of Scotland/England

I hate waiting.

At best it makes me more anxious to rip into something… or someone.

Ever since I got out, I've been trying to track down Lupin and Weasley- the Weasley I took a chunk out of at that school. I've wanted to know what they've been up to, and unlike that bloody Lucius, I didn't have access to the Prophet.
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